MNGle is an Experimental Symposium...

A Carefully Curated Community on the Steppes of Mongolia

Sep 1st - 7th

What is MNGle?

MNGle is an invite-only event for interesting people
working on unusual problems.

mingle | ˈmɪŋɡ(ə)l |


  • mix or cause to mix together: the sound of voices mingled with a scraping of chairs
  • move among and engage with others at a social function: a chance to mingle with celebs.

~20 people from a wide variety of fields

a ger-camp on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar

bespoke program custom-tailored to the attendees

meet Mongolia’s changemakers and learn about the country’s challenges

Sep 1st - 7th 2018

The Team

Philipp Marxen

Real Estate and
Art Visualisation

Daniel Ternes

eCommerce Consultant

Where & When

MNGle will take place in a ger camp outside of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city.

Attendees will be picked up at Chinggis Khaan International Airport and brought to the camp.
Direct flights to Ulaanbaatar are available from Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Busan, and Hong Kong. Americans and most European nationalities don’t require a visa. If you happen to require a visa we will gladly assist you in obtaining it.

MNGle will take place from September 1st until September 7th 2018.

Amenities & Internet

The camp will be clean and modern amenities will be available. But remember that you come to a frontier of civilization.
Amenities & Internet

Attendees have the option of sharing a ger with others or of requesting a private ger.

The camp will have stable internet access that allows for most types of work, but it might be a bit too slow for very bandwidth-heavy activities (such as uploading videos).

All attendees will receive SIM cards with 3G internet access.

Plenty of power outlets and a variety of adapters will be available.

Most special diets can be easily attended to (both lead organisers are vegetarians). The traditional Mongolian diet is very meat-based. Traditional foods will be served as part of the cultural agenda.

The camp will most likely not contain a gym, but you are welcome to join a group of bodyweight exercise enthusiasts doing animal movement exercises in the morning. The cultural agenda will also include horse riding, which will be very hard on your thigh and core muscles if you’re not used to it.


The event will be mostly unstructured.

Attendees will have plenty of time to stay on top of their workload (or to completely disengage and not work). The main focus will be on mingling with other attendees.

Impromptu sessions on topics of general interest can be organised.

Optional organised activities:

  • Coworking space visit
  • Ger District re-development tour
  • Horse riding
  • Young entrepreneur's support

Confirmed attendees will receive a questionnaire after registration and most of the program will be build around the attendees actual interests and challenges.


MNGle will be free to attend.

A small co-payment to cover costs will be charged.

Attendees have to arrange their own travel to and from Mongolia, health/insurance, and visa. Additional comforts (like a single-person ger) can be arranged on a pay-for-yourself basis.

Any questions?

Please contact us